The reality of today’s global marketplace requires companies to relocate staff to foreign locations in order to establish and nurture a business presence abroad..

Many executives and managers sent to many foreign operations are usually chosen for their skills and accomplishments within their native country. The assumption is that ‘if they can do it at home, they can do it abroad’. Research suggests this is not the case – cross cultural differences usually make such skills defunct in a new environment


Relocation abroad is a huge step. The changes and contrasts in the simple things such as the language, food, TV, weather, shopping and socialising are only a small part of the relocation process and culture shock. It is often the deeper differences in customs, mentality, world view and interpersonal interaction that have a more profound effect.

Global  Talent Development provides  training to help expat s to integrate with Italian culture ,

Prior to relocation, it is important for individuals, couples and families to learn as much about the new host country as possible. If this is not done through a relocation briefing, then personal research should look at the subject of culture shock and areas such as the people, culture, social norms, religions, language, food, entertainment and accommodation.  Good preparation can go a long way in readying for and dealing with culture shock.

Main topic

  • Culture and behaviour
  • The four stages of culture shock
  • The Bel Paese :an introduction to the country and its history, politics and culture.
  • An understanding of the target culture’s values, customs and etiquette and their possible impact on work and social life.
  • Tips on preparing to work with new colleagues from different nationalities.
  • An accurate portrayal of the possible lifestyle in the target destination.
  • Guidelines and tools on how to adapt and deal with cultural differences.

Who should attend : Managers relocated to Italy

Course length: 2 days.


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