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I’m an experienced HR Manager having worked extensively in this sector for more than fourteen years  implementing best practices and building successful HR departments from the ground up.

Throughout my career, activating human potential has always been one of my favourite challenge that’s why I’ve  developed and delivered trainings at all levels of the organization  always striving to facilitate individually appropriate stages of learning within a safe and constructive environment  .

After leaving my corporate job  I have been operating in the business as a partner of many consulting companies and I’ve designed and delivered many different trainings in  human resources management and  soft skill in Europe, Asia, Usa 

Working internationally led me to appreciate  multiculturalism as a value.

In the last years I focused more and more on helping people, teams and organizations working  across cultures.


My  objective is to ‘develop global talents’ supporting  individuals  to become cultural flexible and competent in diverse work situations – ultimately leading to effective intercultural interactions.

I  operate throughout Europe  and collaborate with professionals in other parts of the world to offer the best services to my clients.




  • TIP Licensed Coach -  The International Profile Licensing  – World Work LTD,London ,UK
  •  Intercultural Cerified Trainer    – LTS  Training and Consulting Bath –UK  
  •  Lecturer in Human Resources Management  in many Universities and Business Schools,
  •  Associate  Certified Coach  (ACC –ICF )
  • Author of ‘Group Coachig : sviluppare il potenziale di  piccoli gruppi in formazione (F.Angeli 2014).




I firmly believe that each individual  is unique and has some potential that can be evolved and improved as long as provide with customised programmes  which enable participants to improve and broaden their skills and develop personal qualities required in their professional lives.

Carl Rogers said : “You know that I don’t believe that anyone has ever taught anything to anyone. The only thing that I know is that anyone who wants to learn will learn. And maybe a teacher is a facilitator, a person who puts things down and shows people how exciting and wonderful it is and asks them to eat.”

This quote summarize the beliefs that led me throughout my career. I think a good trainer and a coach  is someone who facilitate  learning, encouraging individuals to take responsibility for their learning and reaching their full potential in every facet of their lives.

 Want to know more about my professional background ? Have a look at my Linkedin profile !






Pina has a soft approach to her audience and this creates a warm atmosphere. She covers all the important points such ashierarchies, prejudices, cross-cultural communication withoutbeing too bookish and theoretical. I definitely recommend her asan intercultural trainer.

Kazuo Inumaru -Ethic Intent, Founding Partner


Great influencer and a motivational speaker. She had visited our company in Japan to organize a team building activity for a team of 50 people. The result was fantastic. Japanese tend to be very conservative but she has guided us well to open the heart and mind to be cooperative with others, and to be challenging ourselves more in both life and work. Definitely a recommendation.

Yuki Shumizu – Global Product  Strategy Manager – Roland Corporation



Pina conducted a training on personal development in Lithuania (US Amabssy) that I found extremely valuable. She demonstrated a high degree of expertise and her presentation was clear and immediately actionable. She was sensitive to others and she gave partecipants practical techniques and strategies to develop their full potential . Pina is extremely enthusiastic about her work which is infectious. I certainly would recommend her for any training on this topic.

MADI Sharma -Entrepreneur -Speaker 


I had a great experience with Pina as a trainer . Her classes are dynamic and creative bringing a lot of examples and practical exercises.

Jamile Londero Cruz – Hr Specialist Unilever


I had just moved to Italy .Pina helped me to be more confident , integrate with the new culture and…find a new job! She is a great coach!!

Laurie –  Marketing Assistant -UK