To be Global one must first think Globally

-Oviatt , McDougall-



Globalisation  has dramatically changed people’s way of life all over the world .

Not only the frequency of international travelling increased manifold but the possibilities of cross-border trading of goods and services have also increased exponentially.

The world today has become a true  global village. Thanks to advances in technology the explosive growth and use of the internet, people are uniting and communicating in ways never dreamed two decades past.

As a result, in today’s work environment ,managers and employees at all levels have to interact with people who are culturally different .

These relationships are not confined to employees working abroad for short or long period but also include day by day communication through international phone calls , e-mail and  any kind of virtual interaction with colleagues and clients.

Despite the increased ease of communication, cultural differences are present and if not recognized they may have negative effects on people and businesses.

Therefore, it is imperative for managers and employees  to develop a global mindset in order to recognize and overcome the challenges associated with working across cultures.