Feeling stuck about something in your life and wondering if coaching might help?

Want to try it out so you can get more information and a clearer  sense of how it works and what it’s like?



I invite YOU to schedule a Complimentary Coaching Session with me!


This free Coaching Session & Consultation will give you a powerful and concrete way to learn more about coaching by experiencing how it works. It will help you get clarity and focus about a change you’ve been wanting to make in your life.

It is a no obligation, 45-minute Skipe call where you can:


  • Experience the power of coaching & how being truly heard can shift your perspective
  • Explain in detail what kind of support you’re looking for
  • Get all your questions about coaching answered
  • Make an informed decision about whether coaching is something you want more of in your life



Before the session you’ll receive some thought-provoking questions to work on ( many people find that this alone helps them to make significant progress!).

At the end of our call, if coaching feels like the right investment for you and if it feels like a fit between us, we can discuss moving forward to begin working together. If not, that’s absolutely fine too.

This free session is my gift to you!


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