It is estimated that 60% of people are unhappy with their work and are seeking to do something that will make them happy.  Organizations are asking themselves what career services they can provide to employees that demonstrate a return on investment and help them reach their career aspirations.

Conversely, people are asking themselves what they can do to find success in their career if their organizations are unwilling to help them connect their skills and passions to available roles internally.

What is Career Coaching

Career coaching is the process of working with people to help them assess their talents and make critical decisions about career choice and direction.


What does a  Career Coach do ?

      • Administer and interpret  assessments and inventories to asses work values, interests, skills and competencies
      • Identify alternative internal career options for people in transition that capitalize on individual knowledge, skill and ability profiles
      • Develop specific career paths with experience, knowledge, abilities, and skills defined
      • Help overcome issues such as lack of self-confidence, poor self-discipline and fear of success/failure
      • Create career development plans to help employees grow and learn
      • Explore and prepare employees for internal job searches, including resume preparation, in-house interviewing and networking


After a short introduction, I will move on to an assessment of your career path, and your current and future career plans. The session concludes with an agreed list of action points to be completed by you within a particular time period. A record of these action points will be kept on file for future reference.

Ready to try a complimentary session?

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